Mission Statement
To Aid in the Socio-Economic Development of Bangladesh through Business and Education.

Brief History of the Company
' Neway Bangladesh (Pvt.) Limited is the pioneer and leading company in the MLM field in Bangladesh. Neway registered with the Registrar of the Joint Stock Companies in 1999 and started formal operations in the year 2000. The company brought about a new marketing concept that had tremendous success in the western world. However, the concept was unfamiliar to Bangladesh.

The First (2) two years of operation saw a gradual increase. Neway introduced concepts such as, BE YOUR OWN BOSS, OPEN MEMBERSHIP, WORKING AT YOUR OWN TIME and UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL. All these ideas seemed unbelievable to Bangladesh and some feared these ideas were fake or some type of scam. However, Neway remained positive and patient.

Neway performed intense research studies. These studies were conducted to understand the demands and services required for the Bangladeshi people. Through these studies, Neway develops its products and services and with the peoples continuos understanding and acceptance business flourished.

Neway expanded its services to Bangladesh through various businesses, educational and charitable events. It has now been Five years since Neway was introduced to Bangladesh. Neway continues its research policies to provide the best services possible.

Neway's 3 (three) Basic Philosophies
Business: Providing business opportunities to its members is the prime objective of Neway. Through various training and seminars, Neway unlocks the business potential of every member. By doing so, Neway proves that anything is possible and enlightens to all the path for making their dreams a reality.
Education: Education is the door to endless opportunities. Neway understands the importance of knowledge and places a high focus on business education. Neway provides intense training and seminars to enrich the members knowledge in business as well as financial and family planning.
Family: A strong foundation is essential in life especially in Business. Family builds a strong base in the way of success.Neway arranges programs, which ensures family involvement. Furthermore, Neway business itself is an institution to support family knots.

Neway has the maximum number of Firsts to its credit:
- The First Network marketing company to start operations in Bangladesh.
- The First Network Marketing company to introduce Binary Compensation Plan in Bangladesh.
- The First Network Marketing company to offer branded products from reputed manufactures like STL, Toshiba Rangs, LaPana, Guardian, Das etc...
- The First and only Network Marketing company in Bangladesh to have the maximum number of branch offices all over Bangladesh.
- The First and only Network Marketing company in Bangladesh to have the highest number of distributors in the shortest span of time (more than 3,50,000 distributors/members).

The company has the finest employees from the industry, for the day to day operations and proper functioning of the company.

NEWAY FACTS Head Office:
House # 39, Road # 21,
Block-B, Dhaka-1213

Main Training Center:
AR Tower (6th & 7th Floor),
24 Kemal Ataturk Avenue,
Banani, Dhaka.

No. of Employees:

No. of Regional And Branch Offices:
100 No. of Members/ Distributors: 175000

Registration No.:
C-38507 (465)/99

Trade License No.:
DCC, Ward-19, Tax Circle-9

(Company Circle-11, Tax Circle-04)

Chamber Membership:
Member, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and industries.


l İNeway Bangladesh Private Ltd. 2005 l

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